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Minamiizu, the turnaround point for the "Izu Ichi" round-the-Izu Peninsula ride. The spectacular view from Cape Irozaki, Cape Aiai, and Route 136 with its continuous ups and downs of around 10% gradient is impressive, but for those passing through Minamiizu we recommend the "Course around Minamiizu".

Challenge yourself on steep hills, do interval training, cycle from side roads to forest roads at your own pace, enjoy spectacular views, hot springs, and local specialties, there are many different ways to enjoy training and traveling.

"I'd like to try Izu Ichi, but I'm not ready yet..." "I just want to focus on cycling" "I want to relax and have fun" and so on. We can recommend Minamiizu cycling spots for all!
Prefectural Road No. 16: Along the Yumigahama coastline with white sand and green pines, enjoy its tropical atmosphere.

Yumigahama Beach, selected as one of the 100 best beaches and places for swimming in Japan. During the busy season, beach houses are set up and the beach is rather crowded, but it is usually a quiet beach enjoyed by locals.

Prefectural Route 16 is packed with scenic spots including Yumigahama Beach, the Irozaki Ocean Park which is a UNESCO Geopark, Hirizohama Beach with its crystal-clear water, Cape Aiai and Yusuge Park which are perfect photo spots.

This coastline is where you can best experience the secluded region of Minamiizu with its wind-swept chusan palm trees and distant view of both the Izu Islands and the open sea.
Flowing through Shimogamo Onsen is the Aono River, with steam rising from it.

The Aono River, running through the town out to the sea. Shimogamo Onsen is located in the lower reaches of the river, a hot spring town with plenty of hot water, and inviting steam.

The Shimogamo and Minato areas are a must for resting and refueling, as you can enjoy the scenery in all seasons, plus there are roadside stations, convenience stores, and various restaurants.

The municipal onsen "Gin no Yu" is a chloride spring with a source temperature of over 95 degrees Celsius, and is very effective in relieving fatigue. 20 minutes to Gin no Yu Onsen from our facility by bus. Enjoy walking around Shimogamo with its onsen, food, and souvenirs.
Ideal spots to sprint through the countryside
Try side streets to find unique experiences

Surrounded with woodland, Route 121 (Minamiizu Matsuzaki Line) in the upper reaches of the Aono River is a rural area with idyllic scenery. Being mainly flat, this course has good visibility and is a refreshing change from the coastline.

The surrounding area is also filled with mountain attractions such as the Aono Daishi Dam and Snake Stone. We recommend checking out the side streets, there are bakeries and cafes that are known by few.

The Aono Daishi Dam has a path around the dam lake - deer antlers are sometimes found. The road to the dam is a climb with a gradient of around 10%, but there are public toilets and pavilions to stop at, so if you have the energy, challenge yourself!
On sunny and windy days
Take the quiet forest paths with sunlight filtering through the trees

Due to its proximity to the ocean, Minamiizu has a mild climate with no snowfall, making it ideal for cycling.

The only drawback is the wind. Particularly strong winds blow in winter, in which case you should go to a forest road that provides wind protection.

Along with Prefectural Road 119 (Shimoda-Minamiizu Line), which connects Koura to Shimoda, there are several unnamed forest roads running through the town. There are many broadleaf forests, the sunlight filtering through the trees makes the forest roads perfect to beat the summer heat.

Since not much traffic passes through, you need to pay attention to condition of the roads. Cell phone reception is limited in some areas, be sure to prepare properly before your ride.

There is a dearth of convenience store on Route 136, overlooking Suruga Bay JU-ZA fills this void

Route 136 runs through the west of Minamiizu and is physically demanding with steep gradients and sharp curves. The blue waters of Suruga Bay and the sun setting on the horizon are an impressive sight, the Yuhigaoka Observation Plaza is a popular spot for riders.

Convenience stores in the town are concentrated on the east side, so there is a void along Route 136 until you enter the neighboring town of Matsuzaki.

Our CYCLE LOUNGE has a bicycle pit where you can bring your bicycle, a rest area, toilets, and showers. In place of convenience stores there are vending machines, snacks, and supplies available, so use this as a base for cycling in Izu!
Minamiizu is full of hidden charms. We will continue to update JOURNAL with information on courses and places to visit in Minamiizu, Kamo, and the Izu Peninsula, so please take a look.

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